Monday, November 1, 2010

This Is Some Inception Shite Going On...

I don't know what the fawk I ate last night but I had some weird but cool dreams.  I want to jot them down before I forget them to see if there's any theme amongst them:
  • A friend decided to send me artistic black and white nudes of her and her husband.  Most of the pictures didn't really have nudity in them except one.  When I ran across the one that did I thought, "Why would she send these to me now? Why not when we were younger?" Then I woke up.
  • I was in the middle of an improv class being held on a Fear Factor type obstacle course.  There was this couple there getting ready to take the course.  At the starting point, the boyfriend was stretching but hyperventilating at the same time; it was quite obvious that he was freaking out.  The girl the entire time was badmouthing him telling him he was no good and that he was lucky to even be there.  He was doing his best to ignore her but obviously this behavior had been going on for some time.

    I went over to him and gave him the best pep talk I could.  He seemed to receive it well and started the course.  The course was sort of a relay where he had to reach her starting point in order for her to continue the rest of the course.  I don't know what I said to him but he took off!  He made it across the course in 30 seconds even with a few fumbles in logic he had trying to get gates to open along the way!  Once he got to the girl, she started her part of the course and made it to a section featuring monkey bars over dirty water.  She made it there, stopped, looked down, and noticed there was a 30 foot drop to the water.  At that point she started freaking out!  I'm yelling at her from the sideline to encourage her to go but she ends up timing out. 

    I leave the obstacle course on a bus with a bunch of people from Salsation.  They can see I'm troubled so I start telling them how jacked up that obstacle course was and about this couple I was counseling.  They all agreed those people were idiots.  Then I woke up.
 Yep.  I agree.  Weird.

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