Sunday, July 20, 2008

Casino Weirdness

I went to the Sycuan Casino today. After a failed attempt to find a regular casino in San Diego, we went out of our way to go to this one on an Indian reservation (and by Indian I mean Native American). We walked in and it was full of the usual things such as very hospitable staff, free parking, free drinks, and lots and lots of noisy slot machines. It was my kind of casino! So, my friend and I sought out our games of roulette and craps.

After a quick survey of the entire casino, I came to the conclusion that there was one 1 bloody craps table in the entire place, and they going with a $25 minimum. I could've fathomed this concept if it weren't for the fact that absolutely nobody was apporaching the table . I decided that it was too rich for my blood and walked around the floor to see what was available.

It was brought to my attention that things were a little strange at the casino. My friend and I walked over to the roulette table where people played and noticed that there was no spinning wheel nor rolling ball calling the numbers. They instead used a deck of cards with each card representing a number on the table. I was like "WTF?!" There just seemed something wrong about not being able to see the nuances of that white ball bouncing around on the multi-colored, multi-numbered wheel. I asked the floor manager why the were using cards instead and he explained to me that California has a law specifically forbids certain forms of gambling that include the dealing, playing, carrying on, opening or conduct of "roulette.....or any banking or percentage game played with cards, dice, or any device, for money, checks, credit, or other representative value." So, they circumvent this law by remove the "banking" aspect of the games by replace dice and balls with cards. I walked over to the craps table and saw a card sorting machine as well. Nah ah! No way am I playing that game!

There something about the textile versions of these games that makes it much more enjoyable. I feel without it like I should just hand over my money to the gamekeepers when cards are used (granted, the end result of either way is probably the same ). Three cheers for dice!

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