Friday, May 2, 2008

A Baby’s Story

I just got back from Texas where I went down to visit my first blood-related niece as well as to get a little bit of R&R before the crazy month of May! As I communed with family, baby stories regarding yours truly kept popping up; all of which are hilarious and show that my artistic talents started at an early age:

  1. A Hands-On Artist
    One time while I was in my crib, my Mom went out to get groceries. My Dad was left in charge. My Dad didn't really keep an eye on me since I was in the crib. I made a mess in my diaper and decided to paint the entire crib with my essence! My Dad freaked out and decided to take me out out to the washroom and hose me down with a garden hose of cold water to clean me up. He then put me in a t-shirt vs. putting me in a new diaper as a solution. He then complained to my Mom about the mess I made and told her to never leave him alone with me. Gotta love it .

  2. Make-Up Artist
    One time as a toddler I decided to head into my Mom's bathroom and grab all of her make up and cover my arms and legs with her lipstick. My tranny phase was upon me.

  3. Cleaner In The Making
    One time I grabbed the baby powder from a nearby bag in my crib and decided to just shake it all over the room onto wet tile. Yeah, it was awesome for them to clean up!
I look forward to these kind of calamities so we can look upon them 30 years later and laugh.

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