Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome to 1080i

I got myself a 60 Gb PS3 system with a few games of Craigslist. I got it as a result of a promise I made myself and the wifey if I correctly determined the sex of our new addition. Not taking into account a 50/50 probability and that it could've all been incredibly wishful thinking, I KNEW from pretty much the beginning of this journey we embarked on that'd it'd be a boy. I professed my belief so deeply that there was absolutely no doubt in my mind. I felt like Morpheus believing in Neo .

The cool thing is that I got the game I wanted with it (Call of Duty 4) plus a couple of PS3 titles. I am excited to get back to trying to beat the multiple PS2/PS games I have collecting dust. I am also excited that the dude upgraded the hard drive from 60 Gb to 120 Gb so downloading games can become more of a reality .

I plan to play the hell out of that console and my Wii now. Of course, it might take me till June to do so

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