Friday, April 18, 2008

Nice To Know Ignorance Is Everywhere

Lately I have heard about a few different hate movements popping up in weird places.

One of them was about the growing skinhead/Nazi-related movement in Argentina and Latin America in general. Based on my limited knowledge of it, many glorify Germany's Nazi Party and Italy's fascism, championing the country's European roots, and lashing out against drug addicts, Marxists, Jews, and homosexuals. I've seen videos on YouTube showing these guys Hitler saluting and making their opinions known about ethnic cleansing. It makes me sad to think that anyone would glorify hating others to this ultimate degree.

There is now news of an "anti-emo" movement in Mexico. There are groups of people attacking kids trying to assert their identity. I'm like WTF?! The following video goes into the latest string of bullshit explanations as to why people hate these "emo" kids. Don't Mexicans have better things to worry about than a bunch of kids dressing in all black and adoring AFI? C'mon!


I support these kids expressing themselves even if I don't like their music. Shame on the folks being violent towards them.

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