Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vacating The Schedule

On a weekly basis I notify a rather large list of individuals about the creative goings-on in my schedule. Each time I send it out, I update with theatre, film, or musically-related news, showtimes, locations, and ticket prices. The shows list was rather large for a while (I'll guesstimate it to be around 15-20 shows at one time). It's now down to 4 after tonight...and I'm thrilled about it!

Every few months I give myself a month long break from my own schedule. Every night I've got something going on and the burnout kicks in. Things just don't feel as funny anymore or worth the effort to put into to make it funny. My temper seems to be a bit more volatile, and I expend more energy keeping it in check the ususal. The biggest part of the burnout is the lack of sleep. On average I am getting 5-6 hours of sleep when I really need 10-12 .

My vacation plans for the first time involve me sitting on a beach next to the ocean (thinking about Hawaii, California, or Florida), being covered in SPF 60, turning my skin slowly into leather, sipping on Sprite and limes, letting the ocean waves hit me gently, watching beautiful women walk around in bikinis, and doing absolutely nothing. If someone asks me to do something, I'll say "I am doing something...absolutely nothing." I would stay at the beach 6-8 hours a day chillin'. Now that sounds like fun!

Thankfully, the Second City stuff is going to be quite minimal. I will be graduating formally from the Conservatory on August 20th, thus, truly ending my 3-year long student tenure at Second City for a while. I'll be doing stuff here and there such as 1-3 day workshops, SC understudy gigs which are sparse, and any existing rehearsals I've scheduled myself for. However, I won't be actively looking for new work or classes until next year. If something falls into my lap and is worth the time, sure! I look forward to having my regular, non-actor life back for a while and enjoy things like family, friends, pets, and, of course, food!

If it sounds like I am complaining about the great success over the last years, it's not that. I am grateful for all of it including all of you who have supported me either actively or passively to let me pursue my dreams. Thank you for being awesome in doing so! I just look to another chapter in this success after recharging the creative batteries.

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