Saturday, August 26, 2006

On The Set - Day 6

I actually got sleep from the night before by going to bed late (sometime around 9:30 PM ) and getting up late in the morning to go pick up Erick. I was pretty functional in the morning but hungry as a mofo. After getting ready and picking up Erick, we zoomed down the highway lstening to a lot of stuff Erick had no clue who the artist was (gotta love Nelson and his b-side loving affliction!). We got to the set by 6:55 AM and headed into Starbucks to order up some grub.

When I walked in, one of the production guys was standing there attempting to buy a paper so I decided to strike up a conversation with him. I looked at him and said, "Man! Am I EVER so glad to see you! I really appreciate you helping me out." With a dumbfounded look on his face he said, "Glad to be of service!" I then leaned on him and said, "Alright. Pick me up a...tall Mocha frappachino...extra shot of mocha...and uhm...tell them to mix whipped cream when they make it and put some on top....OH! And get me a Rice Krispie Sqrrrr too cuz I'm hawngry as a mawfuhka!" He kept nodding his head the entire time as I laid out my order. He proceeded to the counter with a newpaper, handed the cashier, a dollar, and turned around to begin to walk out. With me scratching my beard and looking into his eyes for quite a few moments, I said, "Uhm...yeah...see...well...right...think we'lll need to work on this one for tomorrow man cuz I think your technique is a bit off man...You know...check it...I'll get my own this time and you remember this for tomorrow, ahight?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, let's do that" and walked out of the store. It was a good connecting moment of improvisation, comradary, and mootching at its finest!

We then hit the set, got our wardrobe, and performed the usual rituals of using the bathroom, talking a lot of smack to each other, and betting if and when we're going to get used. I booted up the laptop and got online to handle some stuff for work and waited...and waited...and waited....sneezed...and waited! I successfully avoided being used for the takes for the entire shoot! Rawk awn! It was cool because I got to talk and play with the people left in the store. All the scenes were outside for a majority of the day so it was as if the Latino Baggers ruled the store!

There was one kid who kept cracking me up the entire time. Through no fault of his own, he made some of the funniest moments happen by just being himself. A few highlight moments for me were:

- He comes and joins me and Erick for a game of Uno. Eric and I are in the throes of card battle and he's like "Deal me in!" We're like, "Wait your turn *&#$¦amp;! Mofos are trying to win somethin'. We will shank you!" So, he sits and waits for the game to finish (of course, I lose). We deal him in and we all pick up our cards. The card overturned to start the game off is a yellow 3. we decide that it's his turn to start so we glance at our cards and look at him to start. He thumbs through his cards, looks at the table, then proceeds to put down a green 4. Erick and I stop, look at each other in disbelief, then bust out laughing hysterically to the point we were both crying and couldn't play. He asked, "What's so funny?" "Dude," Eric replied, "it's yellow 3. What the fawk are you doing putting down a green 4 pendejo?!"

- While still playing Uno, Erick put down a skip card which then made it my turn. I then threw down a "draw 2" which forced Eric to pick up 2 cards and lose his turn. We got to the kid...and the game came to a screeching halt. "GOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled at him as if it was a wake up call at a Motel 6!

- We, being men, of course, were talking about the ladies on the set and giving our opinions of who's hot and who's not. There was one lady in her late 40s (we'll call her Greta) and another in her thirties (We'll call her later). While we were changing back into our civilian clothes, we made a comment about Greta and how her seemingly ample arse was hurting her due to the seemingly ample time sitting down. Homeboy started saying "Yeah, she's a little hottie. I'd holler at her. Show her a little love." We stopped and said, "Dude? Are you high?" He was like, "Hey! She's a fine little latina." We bust out laughing and say, "Bro, we were talking about Greta! Didn't know you thought she was latina!"

We met up with the CD and her assistant who was from Boston (Bahwstun) and kciedk it ole skool with her. The CD mentioned that this day was her last day. SO, I asked her what she was going to do with the rest of her time. She mentioned she was going to return to Boston for the first time since January and then she's gonna come back in a week or school. Then with a straight face, I said, "So...uhh....went you come wanna go out some time and kick it?" The crowd fell silent while she was looking for an answer and I began laughing along with everyone else. I heard, "Yeah...I'm sure his wife won't mind then going out!" I then fessed up and told her I was kidding and that I wanted to get a reaction out of her. It made for good laughs!

Overall, it ws a long but fun day. Hope Sunday goes just as well. It's my last day on the set!

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