Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nelson The Wise (Guy)

Over the last few of weeks, I have been speaking my mind on acting and life in general with just about everybody. A lot of the stuff I am saying is actually really good viewpoints/advice that even I myself need to be listening to . I keep adding the disclaimer of "Even though I might be a hypocrite...". Perhaps it's a safety valve of sorts to keep my ego in check or a way sympathize with those having to listen to me blab away on these kinds of subjects. I want to relay the advice I'm giving vs. being perceived as someone who thinks he's so much better than everyone else. Here's a small list I've shared with others:

  1. Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself off and onstage. You do your best when you do those things that make you happy and are in your best interest.

  2. Operate out of a place of love and not fear. You'll end up having a much better time if you are doing things because you want to. If you're writing material to be performed onstage, write it because you believe in what that material brings instead of fearing you'll get cut from the show .

  3. Listen to your emotions. They are the best indicator of where you're at. If you feel horrible doing something, figure out why you're doing it. What do you get out of it? What is the impetus for those actions?

  4. Remember the reason why you started engaging in your activities. I started doing comedy, music, and acting because it was fun. I would continue doing it as long as I was having fun. If you get caught up in the drama/politics of the craft, you can easily lose sight of why you're doing it.

  5. Repeat #1-4 (I had to have a #5 to make it look pretty )
When you're in need for more sage-like advice, let a brother know.
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