Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Ama Wine Deeng Dow Oon...........NAHT!

I've done a pretty decent job of securing myself theatrical work through April next year at a minimum thanks to the activities of the weekend!

I had rehearsals of some sort Friday night and all day Saturday. Sunday was a big day because I had received news that the Second City Writing 5 auditions were on Sunday starting at noon. I had asked if I needed to sign up and I was told, "Oh, no you just need to show up." I woke up early on Sunday , got ready for the audition, and called SCTC around 11:30 AM.

"Hello, are you having writing 5 auditions at noon?" I asked the gentleman on the other end of the line.

"Hold on. Let me check," he replied. I waited for a good 7 minutes before he came back and said, "Yeah, but all of the slots are taken up. You can come down here and get on the standby list if you want to audition."

I was a little peeved because I should've called earlier but chose not to. After some coaxing from the Mrs., I decided to take my scripts for my shows down with me while I waited for a slot to open up. I printed out an up-to-date resume and figured I was good to go since my headshot was in the car. Or so I thought...

I get to the car, start it up, and look for my H/R which was in the same binder as my script. After a lot of searching, nothing. I was like, "Are you kidding me?!" I figured there was a reason I chose to forget it somewhere so I retraced my steps in my head as I zoomed down the backstreets of Chicago to get to 90/94 to head south to North Ave. After thinking about it, I must've left it at the rehearsal studio for the show. DOH!

I had to get plan B into gear. I figure I could sign-in at SC, get on the waiting list, then run over to Walgreens across the street and printout a headshot. I showed up at SC and asked the gentleman running the sign-in desk, "So...what's your stand-by policy?"

"Oh, well, we can sign you in at 12:45. There are plenty of slots."

Pinche fang baby The dude on the phone gave me a crock of shizzle and I made it sizzle. So, I signed in and subsequently gave myself 45 minutes to get a headshot printed up.

I ran over to Walgreens and spoke to the lady working behind the counter. I asked her if there was any way we could log into my account form the store and submit and order. I was flatly told "No" so I had to improvise. Wife to the rescue! I call my wife and ask her to submit the order. After walking her through the various pages, we get the order finished and submitted. The photo didn't get printed out and paid for until 12:40 PM. I ran back over to the 4th floor of Piper's Alley just in time to find out that the other group is running a little late. Cool! I filled out my paperwork, handed over my headshot and resume and chilled for 15 minutes.

The audition went extremely well. We did 15 minutes of improvisation followed by a cold reading of one of the scripts. Afterwards I bought some musical improv books and headed back out to the lobby where I ran into a castmate in my musical improv class who was also auditioning for the same thing. She talked me into sticking around for Musical Improv Jam that started around 3:00 PM.

I went to the Jam and a bunch of my MI castmates were there to partake in the fun along with 50 other mofos trying to get a chance to play I had a good time playing with the level of folks there. We had some people who clearly had done musical improv before so I learned a lot that night. I also ran into someone who I had auditioned for previously on another job (I didn't get it). After the jam, she hit me up for my number and is interested in getting me into their fine establishment. So, I basically did a second audition that day! YEAH!

Monday night I had rehearsal at my crib from 7-10 PM then I booked out to get to my first live performance with My Warped Reality at an open mic. Not only did we rock out but I got to do some stand-up comedy while they set up as well as play by myself afterwards (I played Courageous Rue tracks Face First Into a Brickwall, F.D.P., and Hypocrite). I didn't get home until 2 AM the next morning. I fell asleep quickly

Yesterday I got asked to join the cast for the Writing 5 shows! Hellz yeah. So, expect to see those shows taking me through April of next year.

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