Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

One of the reoccuring topics I touch on in my stand up is Michael Jackson. I make analogous references to him when talking about stuff going on in my life and need a little zinger to keep people interested in the story I'm telling. It's weird because I was with him all up through the Dangerous record then him and his career all went to hell. I've tried sticking up for him but he makes it difficult for me.

In his littany of lawsuits over the years (and especially in the last few months), this article once again reminds me of just how INSANE MJ has become! All these people are trying to represent his interests but Michael is too bad to let them. This isn't 1983 Michael! You haven't had a thriller in years! Yourcash flow has been weak for quite some time so I know that your last record going platinum a few years ago still can't afford to buy Bubbles a washrag. Billie Jean, a.k.a, Debbie Rowe, is your babymomma asking you for custody and child support, you beat it to Bahrain for a while and now to England to get away from the ranch and the controversy, the man in the mirror looks more like a ghostly jack-o-lantern skull head than Tito's little brother, grown-ass people from 25 years ago keep saying you freed Willy and they've never been the same since, like a smooth criminal you either showed up late or never showed up to your own court cases...Ma ma say ma ma sa de ma coo sah! C'mon Michael ! The way you make me feel sometimes, I wanna be startin' somethin' beating you down and jam some damn sense into you! You're completely off the wall! Black or White, if you don't stop till you get enough, you'll end up broke, in jail talking to a rat named Ben in Emerald City! You'll be someone's bitch...they'll call you The Whiz...they're gonna rock with you...all night.

I like the music. Question the man. Ah hee hee!

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