Sunday, July 23, 2006

Brenda, Becca, Jenna, Anna, Tammi, Tonya, Bambi, ...

I keep getting friend requests from some troll out there who set up a bot that generates profiles with pictures of good looking women asking me to add them as a friend. As you add them, they all have almost the same exact profile and heavily push their webcam websites. But what makes me laugh are that they have like 1000 friends and all of them are male. And they all leave comments! Like for this profile, I see comments like,

" hey gorgeous. howve you been?"

"Thanks for the add!"

"How are you doing? You are very beautiful and sexy. Lets keep in touch my yahoo messenger ID is XXXXXXXXXX. Do you have yahoo messenger too and Aim messenger? How about adding each other and chatting on there."

"Thank you so much for the invite--I can see you must be fairly particular about who you want around! Take care~"

Comments like these support two things about MySpace newsreporters have been spouting:
1. MySpace is a place to perpetuate high school social habits based on popularity vs. merit.
2. Guys are REALLY REALLY creepy. They'll add anybody/anything if they think they can get into it's pants!

Ooh! Friend request from NelsonYouAreSoHotAndAllIveGotOnAreMyPJs! Time to start adding!

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