Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It Takes Two To Ruin A Classic

Target put together this travesty:

Don't tell me this song or video is a good remake or brings something original to a hip-hop classic. 

First of all, it's put together to promote Target.  Now, I know there's a lot of commercialism in hip-hop as it is but this is so blatant, the entire video reeks of sanitation by executives who have no clue as to what hip-hop is all about.  Whatever good there is artistically in the shot (dancing, choreography, visuals), it's washed out by the fact that it's just a really long Target commercial.

Secondly, LIL YACHTY and CARLY RAE JEPSEN???!  Neither of these clowns grew up on 80s hip-hop.  Lil Yachty famously couldn't name any Biggie or Tupac songs let alone an obscure gem from Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock.  Carly is to hip-hop what Yachty is to rock n' roll - unrelated.  There is no artistic contribution or validity either one of them bring to the song.  Yachty raps like all other mumble rappers out there - tons of Auto-tune and slurred speech.  The original song requires a little bit more diction and inventiveness to perform and his performance on the remake sounds uninspired, contrived, and strained - as if he never really studied the original.  Carly feels like she's there for eye candy in the video and to sing the hook.

Lastly, I dont get the whole idea of what "it takes two" to do in Target.  Why do we need two people to make Target awesome?  Nowhere in the song do they actually go into depth about what two people would do at a Target.  Shopping is better with two people?  Consumerism is better with two people?  What?!!!

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