Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jumping from Lily to Lily

Lilies of the Field opened last night with a strong pace, great acting, and lovely story.  

I have to admit that this production has been more advanced than other productions I've been a part of.  We started rehearsals in August.  By September, one of the major players had his lines pretty much ready to go by beginning of September.  The rest of us worked dilligently on our lines from then and did a really good job of embodying our characters and motivations.  We were able to take 4 day haituses amd come back even stronger than before.  We even included a first time actor into the fold and get him up to speed.  Most productions I'm a part of

Tonight we should have over 100 people in the crowd.   I'm going to bring even more energy and passion to the show to more people tonight!

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