Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ask And You Shall Receive...HELP!

So, with this trip to Texas, I am working on getting my Dad's affairs in order.  Part of that is getting family momentos and stuff out of my parent's home.  My brother pitched in a helping hand and we both were floored by the amount of crap my parents (mostly my Mom) crammed into every room, closet, cabinet, and drawer.  We were both ready to pick through it and just abandon a lot of it for someone else to deal with until...

...we were driving down the street and my brother lamented about how crappy the house looked due to the overgrown "lawn" (a lot of dirt and some grass/weeds growing in patches across the property).  I saw a gentleman a few houses a way cutting grass and suggested to my brother, "Why don't we just hire him to do it."  So, we did!  Nothing like being able to tell one of your own people to cut YOUR grass (*rimshot!*) - but we do it in Spanish - cuz he'll do a better job for us (*rimshot!*).  Anyway, we hired him and paid him to make the house look a little less abandoned by cutting down the jungle.  While he did that, a crew looking for scrap metal came by and asked if we needed any help hauling stuff away.  *BAM*  More of our people to assist!  So we hired them on the spot!

Both of us were floored as to our good fortune.  Not only were we able to  get help clearing out the house we were able to also sell off some of the items we has no idea how to get rid of - lawnmower, barbeque, tools, TVs, etc.  And on top of that, we were able to clear the house out completely!  RAWK!

We put up a couple of things on Craigslist being pessimistic about our chances on selling them.  I've been getting text messages/phone calls galore on these items!  PRICED TO MOVE!  So, after these things are sold, we actually may have covered the cost completely of hiring the crews and shipping the keepers to our homes!

I know that I put the request for help into the Universe and it was granted for me.  YES IT WORKS!  I get it Universe.  Thank you for reminding me of that!

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