Friday, August 19, 2011

It's The Little Things That Kill

I got to see Bush and Chevelle with the Wifey in Chicago tonight for free thanks to Samsung and AT&T sponsoring the event.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the evening.  The security was very courteous and nonchalant with no pat downs or searches.  The peddling of phones where relatively innocuous and I even got to play my first game of Angry Birds via their slick new Galaxy S phone which was super light, super bright, and probably super expensive to own and maintain (what's the battery life on one of those things?

The bands were actually really good in their own right (Chevelle has bored me since their second record but they played well tonight) and Bush really surprised me as this was the second time I've seen them.  I saw them in San Antonio at Sunken Gardens Theatre right during the Sixteen Stone tour but I don't remember anything else from the show. I'm not really a Bush fan (both politically and musically) but I am intrigued with their comeback as they've release a new single that I really like.  Their original guitarist Nigel Pulsford isn't in the group anymore; I hope they decide that to move away from the noisy/grungy sound the started with and work on sonics and general songwriting.  The new single alludes to this wish of mine :)

Overall, it was a nice night.  Glad I got to see enjoy my time out.

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