Monday, July 25, 2011

Rebooting My Blogging Spirit!

I was watching Dr. Drew's Celbrity Rehab yesterday and he had Bai Ling on there detailing history of abuse that she received in Tibet.  The biggest thing was that she was a journaler and was betrayed by an adult when that adult decided to read her most intimate thoughts aloud to everyone else in her camp; she refused to journal ever again.  I could see just how painful that was for her and it inspired me to rededicate myself to my blog.

I was never a huge journaler.  It requires a ton of effort.  Mostly my motivation for journaling is to get folks to read it and tell me that they love what I have to say.  Even with that said, I know that it has helped me in other ways organize my thoughts and put stuff in perspective for me as I approach them.  The biggest thing it does is that it allows me to describe my weaknesses and faults in an organized manner.  The funny thing is, no one ever comments on those blogs where I feel like crap, hate the world or myself, or am just plain angry about something.  Yet they tell me about the stuff that to me are pretty innocuous items like having a good rehearsal or a good mean.  Apparently people gravitate towards positivity more easily ;-)

With the whole Fall show writing circuit I'm on, I've realized I could be a much better writer overall.  I just need to practice.  This area will once again be one of my practice rounds.

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