Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Uncle Julio is Ubiquio

As you already know, I adore Uncle Julio's Hacienda's food.  Yes, it's horribly unauthentic, but, hey, if I want to eat authentic Mexican food (which I have), I would fly on down to Oaxaca to get a bite to eat vs making a 20 minute drive to my local restaurant .  I'm down the Julio's for life!

They're also located in my home state of Texas and in the Dallas Metroplex they have 5 of them.  Either on purpose or by accident, I now have located each of them in the Dallas area (still have to go over to Ft. Worth).  I'm in an elite group of folks who have fandom for another chain of restaurants! 

Chips, salsa, and cheese.  I'm so fawkin' hungry.

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