Monday, February 9, 2009

Return of the Real

Last night I got to open two shows - Award Show and the weekly Infinite Sundaes.  It was fun as hell!  It was awesome to finally see AS go up and try an improvised musical that has elements we hadn't ever tried yet; we had audio, video, and choreography that was all new and ridiculous.  I liked the fact that I finally got to play the host character of my dreams, Russell "Russ" Williamson.  It was fun to channel the darker side into that host and I feel people really responded to it.

The show with IS was fun and fast.  I got to play Battle Rap, One word serenade, and Freeze Tag.  It was over before it even started.  I'm in an incredibly talented group of improvisers and look forward to hanging with them.  I feel blessed!

The best part of the night came was when I got out of my mental creative slump and remembered I could totally do this work.  It came when at the end of AS when I come out to break up a fight between the folks on stage.  I yelled out "HEY!" a bunch of times and it got a little rhythmic.  I then realized it was like a James Brown band sting and used that to my advantage.  I almost broke character cuz I was so happy about that little ditty and I wanted to chuckle my head off!  BRILLIANCE!

I'm back and ready to do some massive damage to the haters out there. 

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