Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Than A Feeling

I went to the musical improv jam today at SC to promote ISY:TIM in addition to play with some people I've never played before. It's been quite some time since I've been at SC performing so it felt good to walk up on the mainstage and feel right at home.

Todays' jam was the most fun I've had improvising. No judgements, no worries about rules or offending people, no titles to deal with, no dealing with past dramas, no expectation to succeed, no worries of failing, no agony of defeat; I was just a player amongst a group of people who were there for a good time and mess around for a good hour and a half. Some of my best characters and work came out today in the midst of some of the worst improv imaginable! It was cool because it was safe to just play. There were a lot of talented folks there and it was an honor to play with them as well.

The feeling I got today is the feeling I needed to remind myself of and need to carry to all my other more formal endeavors. Ultimately, it truly is about having fun.

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