Thursday, October 9, 2008

The View Makes Me Go Blind

Thanks to me working from home and the fact that the wifey controls the TV thanks to her newfound Momma's Rights Bill that passed, i.e., baby boy, I've been watching The View over the last few days. They start the show off with political talk. When these ladies cut each other off, get hot&bothered regarding their favorite candidates (all but 1 seem to support Obama/Biden), and semi-passive aggressively attack each other personally, it's no wonder why all-women talk shows get a bad rap. The show turns into a cacklefest at that point and made me want to stab myself with a dull butter knife. Then the rest of show talks about things like health and beauty tips with boring guests. That part makes me want to commit Hara-kiri!

I think I'll watch a show that is more acceptable to my taste - MANswers!

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