Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I had an epiphany just right now. I am involved with groups that like to discuss/argue lots of trivial things! Apparently I gravitate towards groups like these because of an overpowering sense of proving people wrong . Damn you ego!

The other night I was with the band and we were discussing the finer points of recording a batch of songs. Questions came up such as:

  • Should we make an E.P. out of these?
  • How many songs should be on it?
  • How should they be recorded?
  • What does "to the best of our ability" really mean?
  • Do we have the know how/equipment to do it?
  • Who finally says "It's good"?

  • After arguing these finer points for an hour, I realized that I am on the far left with the level of diligence and patience that I feel is needed to make an E.P. Other guys were happy with as a polished live-ish demo. I tried to assert a level of definitiveness ot the process that the band as a whole wasn't really ready to commit to. I kept rehashig the same points over and over again and went nowhere fast.

    I quickly realized that I was being that guy who I loath and despise when talking about touchy subjects in a group - the self-righteous, know-it-all, bullheaded arguer who needs to listen more than talk . Fawk!

    These are the phrases I use a lot when talking about those types of people:

  • Shut the fawk up!
  • Take a note!
  • You're wasting a lot of time talking about a lot of nothing!
  • Why are you being so difficult?!

  • Even with all that negativity, I did learn that I am slowly learning how to recognize where in the decision-making process my peers are at and letting go even more now. Essentially, I am allowing myself to take a back-seat to the production/engineering process and seeing how it goes. If the batch of songs are E.P. worthy, cool. If not, that's fine and I reserve the right to say, "Well, I told you so" later.

    Now...if I could just learn to let go of the "I told you so's"...

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