Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Reasons I’m Done With Winter

As I walked from my car to the door this evening after a double-header of rehearsals, I decided it was time for winter to be over for me. Here's no why:

  1. I hate having to wear more than one article of clothing to stay warm. I want to wear shorts to show my massive, muscular, lovely legs.

  2. I like to see the lovely young ladies jogging outside with their halter tops on/off/on/off/on/off/she getting a drink/on/off/on/off...

  3. The Ho-Ho's windows can't be rolled down all the way when it's cold outside. They get off the guidance track so then I really can't secure my car. As much as I like having an open-window policy for my vehicle, I'd rather it warm up so I can actually let fresh air into the car. It's also a bitch to order food through the drive thri when you can only crack the window to pass food through.

  4. My dawg really enjoys going out whenever it's incredibly late, cold, rainy, snowy, or just plain inconvenient. At least when it's warm it doesn't take 45 minutes for me to get ready to take her.

  5. The draft was given up in the '70s, however, it's still going on in my home. I may ask the wifey to burn her bras in protest. Let's get some heat up in this mother!
Alright, I'm tired. Time to go to bed.
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