Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yuppie Sloths

I just found middle class Americans' ugly, dark secret. It goes to show everyone that they are not at all appreciative of what they have, how they got to their level of good fortune, and how cruel to their fellow man the can be. One has to look a bit harder from city to city, town to town in order to be able to notice this unnerving development: Costco and Sam's club customers are incredibly fawkin' lazy!

I went to Sam's club to help stock up for my wifey's volleyball concessions. The parking lot was filled with random shopping carts in spaces. There were some that were feet away from the holding pin designed for people to return their carts to! So, I had to park further away from some of these cart traps and actually push 3 myself to a holding pin to feel as if my car was safe from an accidental bump due to a stray cart. I see this dilemma every time I go to one of these type places. It does happen at the grocery store but it's not nearly as bad as it is in these mega-supplier stores.

Why do people leave their carts just lying around? They just spent 4 hours trolling around the damn store with its own zipcode buying up 25 lbs of toilet paper, 14 packs of Gatorade, and a pool table just to be lazy at the end to not return the cart to where it needs to go? Is there an unspoken sense of privilege that comes with the $45/yr membership card that allows one to force another worker to run around all day getting that cart out of the frozen tundra that wasn't designed as a platform for shopping carts?

Be kind. Return your fawkin' cart you swine!

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