Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Return of the Laugh Track?

I was hanging out with my Dad and telling him about the show a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned to him that the crowd we worked was kinda stiff in the beginning but loosened up as the show got underway. He says, "Well, you need to send out somebody before the show. To warm them up. An icebreaker."

"Dad, I was the ice breaker," I responded.

"Well, then you didn't do your job," he said with a passing tone. "What you guys should be doing is using a laugh track in the show."

"No way. Nah ah, " I vehemently shook my head. "This isn't fawkin' Chespirito/El Chavo Del Ocho type comedy, dude." My family started busting out laughing .

I realized right at that time that my Dad comes from a whole different era of comedy where shows use canned laughter to let the audience know when to laugh. A lot of Spanish-based television still use it (and quite badly I must add) so it wasn't too far out of left field for him to suggest it.

I explained to him what theatrical improv comedy was all about and why canned laughter would be wrong and weird to use in that forum. He then said something like "You're all full of sh*t" and walked off.

Gotta love family.

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