Monday, October 8, 2007

Static Events of the Weekend

My band Static Republic had a lot of firsts this weekend:

1. First electric show ever!
2. First public show with our new bassist.
3. First show with me on a full drum kit vs. banging on drum machine pads
4. First show to feature a fire dancer from our band tear it up on the floor.
5. First time a band member's car got stolen within the first 30 minutes of being at the venue.

It was a good show and we're happy to have had so many cool people there watching us and supporting us while expert glassblowers were making works of art from fire and ovens.

Being a drummer, I get my share of groupies/fans . I typically get all of the short, chubby, old, not-so-attractive girls/women/grandmas. Well, not this night. I was talking to this one very attractive Polish girl; she was blonde, blue-eyed, fair skinned...and incredibly intoxicated! So, of course, I know my naturally awesome good looks were intensified through her beer goggles . Through the course of our conversation we covered:

1. American social isolationism
2. Worldly travel
3. Geography
4. My marital status and her lack of marital status
5. Women's independence

She looked at me and in a very glassy look told me, "I wish I could take you home." She proceeded to give me a hug and I told her, "Oh, I'm flattered and under different circumstances, I totally would, but I'm a good boy." She seemed to take it well and smiled, and said it was cool. Of course my ego is massively inflated by now (could it get any bigger? ).

I had a good show and good audience response along with a little bit of special attention from a fan. Overall, the night was a success!

Uhm, if you see a black, customized Honda Civic EX with a driver's side window that doesn't roll up well, please let me know. I'm sure my bandmate would like to know about it.

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