Monday, October 1, 2007

Rappin’ Racism

I watched "Nazi America:A Secret History" on the Hitler History Channel. It's a rather thorough review on the origins of Nazism in Germany and the US, and how it's permutated through the years.

There was a sound clip that made me right out laugh. They showed a Neo-Nazi organizer being interview in 1999 regarding a rally they were holding. He says, and I quote,

"[The movement]'s gettin' bigger
and gettin' bigger...
and I'm glad I'm not a n*gger"

Through out the program, they show how time and time again the Nazi programs rose and collapsed in numbers over the decades. So, that part of the statement was an exaggeration at best. What struck me as funny though was that I could take what was said and put it to a breakbeat and it sounds like a Dave Chappell-inspired Fisticuffs comedy bit. The dude is throwing down hip-hop lyrics, a largely accepted minority art form, while claiming anglo superiority.

Call Chuck D. He's gonna have a problem with this!
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