Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 2 in San Diego: Justifying My Purpose

The Things They Make For My People

I woke up yesterday at 5:30 AM to write the previous day's blog entry. Apparently my body likes to be on Central Time still . My email inboxes were checked, and I took care of some of early morning bidnez.

I then went to the airport to pick up the wifey so we can enjoy our first vacation in almost a year. I'm glad she's with me because as much as I like to be adventurous and be on my own, it's always fun to share it with someone you care about.

We napped for a few due to the time difference and just plain exhaustion of the previous day/night. I had to get to my convention to hang out with others from my workplace (although I didn't know any of them), so, we decided to drop her off at Sea World while I kanoodled with the executives. It was a 10 minute drive from the hotel and near Mission Beach which made it incredibly convenient to kill some time...until we saw the exorbitant ticket prices of $57 a ticket! We decided to forgo that plan and instead decided to go together to my meeting.

Once we got there, the resort/meeting area was right next to the mall I had gone to look for a boardshorts previously. The wifey decided to go the mall and hang out while I attended my meeting. The meeting itself turned out to be just a small get-together with about 50 people from all over the country talking about their job roles, families, and the future of the company. I felt I made impressions on folks with jokes and hopefully engaging conversation. an hour and 45 minutes, I was outty!

We then hit up the hotel on the way to the beach. Once we got to the beach, I slowly approached the water remembering the 65° needles going into my legs the day before. I had my watershoes on and noticed that the water, for whatever reason, wasn't as cold as I thought it should be. As I approached the rolling waves, my body acclimated to the coldness and eventually I was completely in! Whoo hoo! I watched a lot of surfers trying to ride the waves and I learned stuff about the waves and what I will run into during my surf lesson (like wear a gawd damn body suit to keep your arse warm! )

I did receive a call from a corporate improvising company looking for a fill-in for a gig in Myrtle Beach, SC in the beginning of November. I was recommended by a good friend of mine in the community, thus, they're taking a chance on me (or as I see it, a sure bet ). I actually had auditioned with the guy talking to me on the phone and he remembered my audition telling me that he felt I was one of the top people there. I was incredibly flattered and humbled. He had an awesome audition as well and I felt he was a shoe-in for the positions we were both seeking. It's awesome when you have mutual, artistic respect going into a hopefully fruitful relationship!

We then went to Olive Garden and ate some din-din after the beach. We walked out and saw there was an accident scene. I blurt out my usual "Dang, somebody got shot" comment when I see lots of flashing lights. I got a flurry of dirty looks from people watching the scene. I guess it was an insensitive thing for me to say. It's something I say in Chicago all the time because every 10-15 minutes there are sirens and flashing lights going off in my 'hood. If looks could kill...

We hit the hotel and went to bed! Whoo hoo! More love to come.
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