Friday, October 5, 2007

The Best Damn Steak Caesar Salad In Town!

...can be found at Cullen's located at 3741 N. Southport Ave in Chicago. I went there last night with a friend of mine. I ordered and in the back of my mind I thought "Maybe I should ask for 'light lettuce' since they always give you 40X more lettuce than meat?" I shrugged my shoulders and decided to just accept the fate of what I would receive. Oh the delectable surprise I received once it arrived!

It was perfect. The steak smelled heavenly, well grilled, and actually cooked to a medium-well pinkness with a bit of butter sauce drizzle over all of it. Every bite of protein was heavenly! The lettuce portion was proportional to the meat and the Caesar dressing was excellent! I couldn't stop talking about how good it was! And I still can't, hence, the blog!

Damn that was a good meal!

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