Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Going Postal

Tonight Liquor and Dreams had a killer show at the Second City e.t.c Theatre along with A$$holes on a Train. Everybody brought it tonight and genuinely had a good time being on stage and off.

In the show I get to play and sing a little ditty about our wonderfully pathetic US Postal Service. It's inspired after years of abysmal service, the clerks that work there and have absolutely no sense of customer services, and the overall inefficiency of the entire system where you pay for overnight and the package gets to its destination in two weeks. It's so bad that I've stopped reading my own mail (so don't send me checks in the mail if you're trying to pay me. PayPal is accepted here! ). So, I seized the opportunity in this show to highlight the USPS' better features in song and dance.

The coolest part tonight was the amount of props I was getting about that song. In other instances, I was getting accolades from ensemble members and other actors. It's all appreciated. Believe me. However, a part of me also knows that we support each other regardless of whether or not the scene/bit/song was actually good. It's nice to hear from complete strangers about how a song affects them and totally drives the point home. At Corcoran's, people all night were hitting me up on "that Postal service song" , and telling me on how they loved it. Yes, my ego went on a big high tonight!

If you haven't seen/heard the track, you get one more opportunity next week!

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