Monday, March 12, 2007

Wreck Magnet

As I cruised towards my morning rehearsal yesterday, I made a few stops along the way. I made entrances at Target and Kohl's to find a shirt and tie to bring for my morning rehearsal/show (I must admit, I did look pretty damn fly ). I then headed into Pit Lane to pump $50 of 93 octane gasoline into the MoMo at the corner of Elston and North Avenue. Then tragedy struck.

There were two cars heading south on Elston to turn east onto North Avenue. I pulled out from the gas station behind the second car. Suddenly, a semi heading west on North decides to make wide right turn onto Elston to head North. Both cars in the turning lane decide to rear up. I look at the situation and begin honking my horn to get the car in front my to stop since I was behind them but no avail. *CRUNCH* The right front panel on my beloved MoMo got hit!

We pulled back into the gas station, exchanged information, and went along our unmerry ways. The person was very cooperative and I spent the entire time working on being calm and collected although I was incredibly upset about the situation. No amount of yelling at this person was goig to do any good so I kept myself as professional as I could. I was pretty impressed with the way I handled myself considering I could've ripped Sunday edition newspapers in half at that time.

This is the second claim in 4 weeks on the MoMo . The other time, the MoMo was parked in the parking lot of a grocery store and some dude backed up into it. What is it about my beloved vehicle people just feel the need to run into it?

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