Saturday, March 31, 2007

My First Menage a Trois!

I got to experience participating in two shows last night with Brazilian Wax Museum (BWM) (9 PM) and Faceplant (midnight). Both shows went really well. BWM has been sold out every night, which is always fun to play to, and has become even more solid and faster in pace each time we perform it. Faceplant debuted to a decently-sized house (it is at midnight after all), and was a lot of fun to perform. I think we caught the audience off-guard big time with the material and the fact it was a musical. So, it took them a while to get used to the idea that it was a rather raunchy musical, and that it was okay to laugh!

My voice, on the other hand, is not 100% right now. I felt it starting to slip during the first show. I did warm-up properly by stretching, starting with my newly created warm-up scales/exercises, and bubbling the whole way down to the place and more. I feel it's directly a result of the fact I ate something with chicken in it the day before, which normally zaps my throat area. I was okay during BWM but I knew that I had to lay off my voice during the two hour break and keep it warm. I bubbled a lot and walked around. A mandatory bio break was in effect which afterwards, made me feel sooooooooooo much better. My voice came back even a bit stronger as a result. During all of Faceplant, my voice was very useful and manageable. The last song, however, I feel I blew it out So, I cooled-down on the way home and layed off of it as much as possible. That's what I get for eating chicken!

Today I have musical improv class and am debating going. I probably will go since we're in the midst of putting up a show, but I will refrain as much as possible from singing. I need a good day to let my voice patch itself up after the amount of use/abuse I went through this weekend.

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