Monday, January 22, 2007

Favela Rawk

Here's a clip of a band in Brazil doing a decent Rage Against the Machine cover:

When I was 19, I got the chance to go to Brazil to visit family along with my mom and brother. While we were there, a local kid named Milton told me about his band (whose name right now escapes me) and invited me over to check them out. I met the band some time later at their practice studio. They were all pretty nice and even let me play guitar for a bit while we waited for some other guys to show up.

These guys reminded me of the ingenious nature I had left behind after years of playing. For example, two of them worked at the airport so they all had airport-grade ear protection on while they practiced. I just chose to lose my hearing or wear disposable ear plugs which got nice and gooey due to the amount of wax in my ears. At one point, the Milton the bass player broke his E-string. Based on the way it was broke, I pretty much knew that string was dead and figured he had backups or would run out and buy another string. Nope. Not these guys. Milton ran out of the room for a bit and found some needle-nosed pliers. He took the string off the bass and tried mashing together the two pieces of metal to the point they would fuse together! I was like "Holy Moly! Brilliance at its best!"

Even though I was a full fledged adult, a man in his own right, I got called to "come home" from my mother a few houses away. Talk about embarrassing.
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