Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Coming Around Again...Again

Funny how I follow my own decision to take the month off from new stuff to enjoy myself and chill out and stuff just keeps getting stacked for the months afterwards!

It looks like Salsation is going to be doing two improv shows next week. One at Spot 6 (9/20) and the other Second City's Donny's Skybox Theatre as part of Pimprov and Friends (9/22). I'm stoked for these because I do love improvising and both venues provide access to different types of people who want to see me perform. Salsation has also scored a recurring improv set at Spot 6 every third Thursday of the month starting in October. Also, we've got our first sketch gig at the Sulzer Regional Library in Logan Square on October 4th.

I'm also looking into co-hosting a night of showcase improvisation every last Wednesday of each month starting in October, and even maybe co-hosting a weekly stand-up open mic on Thursdays at Spot 6. That's kinda nerve-racking but I'm putting together a team of individuals that will help with both.

The PeepHole is looking at making a second run as well! The production is shopping dates and I'm hoping that we'll land dates to run from last November through early December. For everyone who came out to support the effort, once again, many thank yous! For those who didn't get a shot at the first run, you may get your shot soon.

With all that said, I've got to plan my vacation. I've got 4 weeks worth and need to use it or lose it! As Iceberg Slim would say, "Pimpin' ain't easy..."

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