Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's About Damn Time!

Finally! The sports world has woken up to something I have been stating for years. For a long time, people have been attending their favorite sports arena singing along to a little tune called "Rock N" Roll Part II" unbeknownst to them that it was written and performed by a convicted child pornographer named Gary Glitter. They would cheer along with every "Hey!" in the song and chug beers in between verses. The NFL has urged arenas to replace Rock n' Roll Part II with something else.

I would ask some of the sports fans I know regarding their thoughts on Michael Jackson, who hasn't legally been convicted of any wrongdoings with a child, but in the court of public opinion, has been found guilty. I asked them if they agree with the hoopla radio stations had done about not playing MJ's records on the air since he got into legal trouble. They full heartedly agreed with the radio stations' decisions to do so. Then I asked them if they felt any music from someone either accused or convicted of child molestation should have their music heard from that point on. The concensus in almost every case was "No." Then I would start singing R&RP2 out of nowhere.

They would start asking me, "What are you doing?" I'd continue singing it.

"No really, man, why are you singing that song?" I'd get asked with stronger urgency. I would continue singing.

Finally, we'd get to the chorus of the song and they would break down and join with the cermonious series of "Hey!"s in the song. I would immediately stop and state, "You know that the guy who wrote that song was harboring child pornography and is currently under trial in Vietnam for maybe having sex with underaged girls, right?" Typically, I get a look of shock and then of disbelief. I then ask them if R&RP2 should be banned. A majority of people tell me something to the effect of "Well, I mean, the song doesn't really have anything to do with the guy. It's been assosciated with baseball, football, and basketball games for so long."

Interesting how the mind will justify things to get out of a conflicted state.

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