Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Guys' Night Out

I had been planning an excellent night out with a few of my closest friends and coworkers for a months for a night of wine, women, and wagering. The initial idea was to take a Friday off from work, have all of us jump into a party van where I'm the designated driver (what an honor bestowed upon by default!), and drive out to the boat and play a little with our cash. After a few hours of winning, we would head on over to a nice eating establishment either inside the casino or somewhere nearby like a steakhouse. Then we would head on over to the club and view the sights available to us. This, of course, was the plan about 3-4 months ago.

The plan changed massively due to a number of factors:

- Some guys didn't clear it with their wives/girlfriends, so, they punked out
- Some people didn't really want to go and just said they wanted to to play along.
- Some arse forgot about classes he had to attend right smack dab in the middle of party time, thuis, throwing off the whole schedule.

So, the group of 11 dwindled down to 2 by the time I got on the road - my best friend and me .

We headed on down to Indiana on Saturday to hit up Horseshoe Casino to play roullette and craps. We spent probably 3.5 hours playing these games and breaking about even. Whoah! BIG SPENDERS! The funny thing was that the boat wasn't packed at all for a Saturday. In fact, I saw a lot of cheaper craps table open than normal. Normally they have 4 $15 minimum tables and 2 $10 minimum tables but that night they had 4 $10 tables which was pretty fun to play. I ended up $40 in the hole while my buddy ended up busted., that's about even. We had a good time conversing wiht our fellow gamblers. One dude was sweating bullets the entire time he played. I found out he was Russian and started hitting up with questions about Russia and the language. He, as nicely as possible, told me to fawk awf cuz he was $2K in the hole and had to concentrate on the game! Apparently perspiration and debt go hand in hand. I had a lot of fun at the table watching me go from $100 to $10 to $150 to $60. After my buddy went broke, we decided to head out and get some grub.

We drove to the ends of the earth (read that as Munster, IN) to find a dang restraunt. I had asked the staff at the casino, "Where can two dashing young lads such as me and my friend here find a good eating establishment outside the casino?"

"Chicago, " they all replied. Then they told me "You could go out about 25 minutes down 41 till you see a Bennigans."

I was thinking to myself, "OK, you've got to be kidding me here. We're in a casino and the nearest eating establishment is 30 minutes in opposite directions? And they say casinos will attract local business to set up shop."

We hopped into the MoMo and decided to find the Bennigans. So, we drove...and drove...and drove...and passed up the club on the way, which was a good thing because they only way I knew how to get there was via the Skyway...and drove....and drove...and drove...then I get a phone call from my personal GPS coordinator Jill-Jill (way better than Tom-Tom). Jill-Jill guided me to the local Bennigans, a good 30 minutes away. On the way there and back my friend and I discussed how social norms are made in regards to personal pulchritudeness, and whether or not that norm is really self-initiated or passively adopted by people as a result of social interaction, i.e., how does one determine they are ugly or beautiful, and does changing their appearance reflect the intention of someone's feel for change as a part of their own self-image or that they feel they do not live to some standard of beautiful and want to be accepted by others? Yes, I agree that this kind of conversation is typical on a guys' night out!

We then headed over to the club not knowing if it was going to be wack or kickin'. Luckily, it was kickin'. Lots of people there and lots of beautiful ladies. So, we spent the remainder of the night checking out the scene and laughing at how uncomfortable men act when they aren't liqoured up trying to interact with girls. More comedy than you can shake a stick at.

Overall, I had a lot of fun once we got to the casino. For the guys that punked out, you missed a great time!

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