Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmmm?"

I came home after my class yesterday excited for the first time in a very long time for a first day of class. I got an instructor who I have had before so I kind of expected him to rehash a lot of the same stuff we went over in previous classes, which would normally consists of a lot of lecturing about improvisation and the true art of it and almost no time to actually play. I was happily surprised when we spent the first half going over what satire truly is (vs. sarcasm or cynicism) and how to find out the target of the story. We then spent the second half acting out ideas. I can see me having fun with this class as we're preparing to go into our ubber-level shows with written material based off of improv. Also, the instructor demands a lot of respect from the class so a lot of the horsing around going on in previous classes subsided to a more acceptable level , thus, we could actually pay attention to each other and treat each other with artistic respect. Once again, very cool! Finally, the ensemble for the first time formally decided to make an email/phone/contact list! It's only been, what?, 18 weeks we've been playing together! I see this as a big shot in the arm of the group and if our previous shows are any indication of our potential to put on great shows, all this work is going to make our next few shows even better!

Out of class yesterday, I was happy with a good blackout I came up with. I plan to write that bizzatch out. That now makes 3 good blackouts that I feel are strong that came directly out of improv.

In other news, I've been asked to formally join one of the theatre companies I play with as a full-fledged ensemble member. I need to get back to them with my answer soon but I think I'm down for it. Cool! Now I can add "Ensemble Member" to my resume.

For my show Brazilian Wax Museum this Friday, I'm going to work on getting all buff. I get to show a little bit of skin on stage. That Bally's membership is actually going to get used this week! Only 1 time!

And finally, a old friend of mine from Texas found me on MySpace. Cyberstalking is awesome! J/K Teri Ann. So, I look forward to chit-chatting with her a bit and playing a 10+ year catchup game!

More to come!

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