Sunday, October 30, 2016

Moving On Up

Right now I'm trying to raise my improv teaching game to a new level.  Fresh off the Grand Rapids Improv Festival, I'm feeling pretty good about my ability to help introduce and guide people in the direction of doing musical and standard improvisation.  I'm talking with a guy about doing a course that would be affordable and accessible to everyone.  Here's a little video snippet form my workshop "Have Guitar. Will Travel.":

I feel my only obstacle to pulling this off is myself.   With 5 improv teams, 1 sketch team, 1 play, work, and a family, I am constantly tired and unmotivated to do something new.  I have to remind myself that my "unmotivation" is probably undoable to most humans.  I'm hoping that after my play is done, I can take a break from myself for a few days to recharge and tackle this course I want to put together more formally.  Either way, I am proud of myself for at least thinking about doing this full time :)