Friday, August 29, 2014

My Billy Corgan Ravinia Setlist (Part Three)

In my previous post, I began exploring in-depth my choices for Billy's upcoming Ravinia setlist.  I didn't win the contest to earn a meet-and-greet with him and the rest of the band, but, hey, I made a valiant effort :).  In this point we'll explore the remaining 10 songs in the list.

 Let Me Give The World To You
This Rick Rubin produced track is probably the poppiest, most radio-friendly track from the Machina II release.  It honestly should've been on Machina I.  I'd be interested in reading Corgan's reasoning behind leaving it off the record.

I consider this song a gem amongst non-album tracks because of the way it was produced.  It employs some dulled out drum tracks that brighten up mid-way through the song along with some auto-wah, some mandolins, and what at least sounds to me to be a cheap synth organ which, when added together, make the song weird and poignant to the lyrical matter.  Billy wrote this song as a tribute to the former bassist of a Chicago band called Red Red Meat who died of AIDS in the early 90's.  The track ended up on the No Alternative compilation which was produced to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic and help bring relief to those afflicted.

This song is such a rare track to be performed live that it would send the Ravinia crowd into a frenzy!

Try, Try, Try
I'm not a huge fan of this song as-is.  This was released as a single from Machina I with a disturbing video to accompany it.  I included it in the set list because it would continue the "awareness" factor that Glynis introduced before.
That's the Way My Love Is
As mentioned before, Zeitgeist was a hard record for many of us to get behind.  At the time it was released, it had largely mixed reviews.  Even I couldn't really accept it for the great album it is at the time of its release as I struggled between what the Pumpkins were at the time and what I wished they would've been.  Luckily, this song transcended that inner struggle and is one of the strongest tracks on the album.  It was released as the second and final single for Zeitgeist with a good video to accompany it.  The poppy nature of the song would bode well at Ravinia and simultaneously satisfy the yearnings of the long-term fans.

Ahhhhh, Rhinoceros... This song was released from Gish with much fanfare.  The video screams "indy" but the song screams "PUMPKINS" louder :)  This song is so old that it would pick up the vibe of the concert to be a bit more electric in response to this being played.

This song is a fan favorite regardless of tenure in the Pumpkins Militia.  The acoustic version of this wonderful song is just as powerful as the electric version so it would fit in fine at Ravinia.  Again, this would buttress the buzz built by having Rhinoceros played just before.

At this point of the setlist, it's barn burning time.  We're gonna hit the crowd with popular songs that almost everybody in attendance would know and sing along with.  Would Billy agree with this approach? Probably not.  However, I wouldn't put it past him to go against his own convictions for this event ;-).

1979 off of Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is a great song and cemented the Smashing Pumpkins as a viable force in the mid 90's with cross-over appeal.  The video is actually pretty awful to watch but, hey, I bet it was fun for those involved as it tried to capture the exuberance of youth :)
The b-side album released after Siamese Dream featured this song.  Pisces Iscariot is loved as much or more by Pumpkin fans as the albums that came before/after it.  Starla is a stand-out track from the collection as simple as the rolling main riff is.  I've heard this song done gorgeously on acoustic guitars just as many times as it's been done lacklusteredly.  My hope would be to go "balls out" on this and use as many musicians as possible to make it as "spacey" as the original recording.

I remember being 18 in a guitar store when the tab for this song came out in a magazine and thought, "Hmmm...never heard of this song.  It must suck."  Cot damn was I wrong!  Drown off Cameron Crowe's Singles sountrack is one of my favorite songs of all time.  It was definitely written in the Siamese Dream era and has a lot of similarities to Mayonaise as far as chord progressions are concerned.  However, it departs from that song majorly in that it's way "spacier" than most of their songs and has like 4 minutes of feedback at the end that I listen to every time the song plays.

Again, this is such a well known deep cut that it would continue the explosion of support from the crowd.

Tonight, Tonight
We've reached the end of the set!  What Pumpkins concert would be complete without the most over-played song of all time, Tonight Tonight?!  As usual, I'm biased against any popular A-sides.  However, it would a spectacular way to end the night.

That's it folks!  Let's see what Billy conjures up for Ravinia!

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