Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All I Want From The Pumpkins... 2013...2013...2013?!

The Pumpkins recently tweeted:

Well, well!  Thanks for asking!  Here's the list:
  • Get back to TGBK and resume releasing music for free.  I'm not gonna whine about how Billy said it'd be 100% free but yet Oceania, which is considered part of the TGBK canon, had to be purchased.  It's not the first time he's "mispoken" with regards to a highly publicized project. I'd like some new music with the band as-is but release a few tracks for free.

    I know this request will most likely not be granted as-is as I also understand the implications that have arisen as a result of releasing music like this in the past.  The public still hasn't adjusted to this concept and they're quick to judge and close their minds to all future music based on a sampling of songs.  I also am aware that putting out an album for the band was important to allow them to "focus up" and make it a force to reckoned with.  Why mess that up with going back to releasing "singles"?

    As a compromise, how about releasing an EP for TGBK for free as a precursor to the actual record which will be for sale?
  • More epic guitar solos.  Yeah, I know, been there, done that.  I don't get sick of them.
  • I'd like to see some songs "co-written by" the other members.  Easier said than done however I will hold out hope.  This is Billy's band - got it.  However, I believe that he's relieved as well that he doesn't have to "do everything" in the guitar department anymore on recordings.  In order to distance and evolve from the past incarnations of SP, why not open up the formal songwriting to the other members.  Perhaps a "filter" system could be put in place where everyone rights and Billy executive produces them so that they retain a homogeneous SP sound.  It's already being done in a small way by allowing everyone to play their own parts on the record but why stop there?
  • Have the next formal effort (EP or LP) produced by Butch Vig.  I understand I just ranted about distancing from the past but cot damn Butch is on fire with producing some sonically awesome records (Wasting Light by Foo Fighters & Not Your Kind of People by Garbage).  Another producer I adore is Rick Rubin as well :)

    Again, having an outside producer may help the band continue it's journey in making the most current line-up just as relevant as the previous ones in the public mind (I personally like this line-up and hope to see it stay together for a long time).  Perhaps I'm being naive but if I saw the band working with either one of these guys I would think, "Hey, they're calling the shots ultimately and they want their vision to be even expanded on further."

    If it's too much/too scary for the band to commit to this idea, perhaps try a few TGBK singles with different producers to see how it goes :)
  • I want the band to be happy.  Just follow efforts that make you happy.  I can wrestle with the material irrespective of form however I want the band members to like what they're doing and enjoy the creation process.  It'll be reflected in the music.
Let me know if the band wants/needs anymore feedback :)

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