Thursday, April 12, 2012

Becoming a Jive Tukey

<-- Looks scrumptious, right?  Yep, I thought so too...

Easter weekend involved a lot of family time.  With everything going with Salsation, work, my Dad, the kids, tax season, and my other yearning artistic endeavors, I'd been under slept for a while.  I wasn't really into going to dinner with in-laws -not because of them - but I just wanted to sleep.  A good reason to go in addition to being with family was that we were going to be fed. Yum!

Easter dinner typically consists of Thanksgiving's fixings - turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, etc.  So, naturally, it made sense to chow down on the meat and potatoes portions.  I should avoid those things but don't.  One, it's not often I get to eat turkey, and two I was hungry.  I ate it and felt no ill effects from eat the bird.

Two nights later I got treated to eating at a neighbor's home.  Again, I as under-slept and wanting just to go to bed.  My neighbor decided to use his rotisserie adapter on his barbeque to cook it and it came out awesomely.  So, of course, I pigged out.

The very next day. I woke up SUPER anxious.  I felt like I was going to explode - life was too much to bear.  Everything was super amplified in priority and nervousness.  I was breathing heavy the whole morning, unable to think about anything for longer than a couple of minutes, and just felt like crap.  The other odd things was that for the life of me i couldn't my hands or feet to warm up.  They were solid blocks of ice.  My hips and pelvis started to ache and I just want to shut down completely and curl up in a ball in a corner somewhere.  I also felt tightness and short pains in my chest.  It was the oddest feeling.

I racked my brain for an explanation.  I thought to myself, "Just the day before I felt fine and tackled a ton of things on my own. Now today I can barely handle the sound of my own family living with me. WTF?!"  This behavior continued until 2:30 PM after forcing myself to get out of the house and into the sun, getting some food, and trying to chill out by listening to talk radio at very high volumes.  I finally felt "normal" around 5 PM.

I took time to reflect on what could've cause this for me and the only thing I can think of was eating that turkey.  My body doesn't like turkey anymore.  I guess it never really did.   So, the next time I know turkey is on the menu, a quick stop for food is in order :)

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