Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't Talk, Just Do Follow Up

So, It's been about 12 days since I seriously commited to the idea of just doing things instead of talking about doing them.  Here's my progress report so far:
  • Started the long-talked about musical podcast Musical Chairs Podcast where I give my honest opinions about music that I (don't) care about.  I come up with a list of 5 things for a subject I really have some strong opinions about.  I've been going at it solo because I felt I couldn't do it alone.  However, with this new attitude, I decided to go at it alone.  Even if it sucks, at least I accomplished something.  As Eli Porter would say, "I'm da bess man...I deed it..."
  • I am starting to getting interested in auditioning again.  I've signed up for one next week and had one last week.  I keep talking about doing it - getting back in the game - and coming up with excuses to not do it.  I also reached out to a few folks to start booking shows for me to perform in.  gonna just jump back in and sink or swim.
  • I am dealing with some family matters that quire frankly gave myself a 13 year reprieve some by moving away to Chicago.  It's giving me more creative material than I may want to deal with at this time but I think it's also therapeutic as well as I've got a lot of unresolved issues.
More things to document soon.

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