Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being a Musician Fawkin' Rawks!

I attended a Christmas party where we got into a pretty in-depth discussion regarding the pop culture relevance of popular artists such as Britney, Madonna and Lady Gaga.  I made the argument that Lady Gaga had "jumped the shark" with her outrageousness in wardrobe and overall circus-like spectacle public outings as those things overshadow her actual musicianship.  The girl can play an instrument or two and can actually write songs.

I can't wait until she stops trying to go bigger and better with the Cique du Gaga shtick and reconnect with the DIY, struggling artist within her.  Even if that girl is long gone, perhaps her aura remains and would influence the songwriting on future records.  I guarantee it''l be the best record yet from her.

With all of that said, I do respect Gaga and others like her in their abilities to perform, sing/lip sync, and entertain a lot of people.  I don't have that skillset in my bag of tricks and I do admire their prowess at it.  However, when people would rather see your songs versus listen to them, something's wrong.

I was so charged by the conversation tonight that I rawked out the whole way home.  It was just the conversation I needed to remind me of just how much I love music and performing it (I think that the 2 songs I did via Rockband helped as well).  Can't wait until tomorrow to work on music for 2012!

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