Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's Go Mobile!

I recently got a SideKick 4G from T-Mobile to replace my antiquated G1 phone. I loved that phone, but alas it told me it was time to let it go by going into boot menus whenever my son would drop it :-).  The best thing about cellphone technology improving over the last three years is that I am one step closer to having a mobile computing powerhouse to handle my needs when I'm on the road.

I am writing (or rather 'tapping') this blog entry from my phone via the Blogger app.  No need for a computer to allow me to share my trivial thoughts & anecdotes. My lap stays cool, my future children stay radiation-free, and I get the thrill of looking like a Generation Texter who's enthralled more by his phone than having any human interaction! AWESOME!

More to come! My son slammed his face into something while I was writing this.

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