Friday, August 5, 2011

Social Media Withdrawl - Day 1

Since my last post yesterday,I can feel the pull of habit creeping into my online routine:

-->power on the computer

-->log in

-->fire up Firefox

-->allow Echofon to refresh with my Twitter updates

-->click on my Facebook bookmark and check the upper left part of the toolbar to tell me 2-3 people like my post, comment, link, or status

-->proceed through the timeline to see what everybody else is up to

-->scan my tweets to see if there is anything worthwhile the people I'm following are doing

-->contemplate posting something of my own.

By the end of the day, I've spent 2-3 hours minimum on repeating this routine. Then this normally happens:

-->I feel foolish spending so much time online

-->I get angry with myself that I have "nothing of interest" to post that I begin plotting a way creating content.

-->It's late so I'm either too tired or not interested in making noise or having to put equipment together to make the content. So, nothing gets done.

Repeat the cycle.

This morning when I powered up, I had to break up my flow.  It's a little bit more difficult than I anticipated.  I have all of these thoughts that just remain with me for now. However, I have logged out of my accounts, deleted my bookmarks, and have been exercising my will power.   Let's see how long I last.

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