Friday, August 19, 2011

My Return To Being Social A.K.A. Going into Sober Living A.K.A Social Media Withdrawl - Day 15

Hi, my name is Nelson - and I'm a recovering social media addict. 

Tonight's my last obligatory day to not be a part of my normal social media routine.  It'll be 15 days since I went on sabbatical from Twitter and Facebook.  I have a show to promote so I will be back on but in a limited fashion.  Here's how I am going to stay sane:

  • Take everything day by day.  Yes, just like a heroin junkie or an alcoholic, I need to reduce the scope of my life to be daily.  Live each day to the fullest!
  • Log in and out of every Twitter and Facebook session.  Auto-logins made being on these items way too easy.  If I REALLY want to do something, I'll give myself the additional time of logging in to gauge whether or not what I have to share with the world is important enough for the added 10-30 seconds of time to log in.  This will be especially useful when I'm using my phone for updates.
  • Remove bookmarks and shortcuts to my social media apps.  I've already done it on my web browsers so I've just gotta do it on my phone.  Another 5-10 seconds to mull over my involvement.
  • Step away from the computer!  Yep, take fawkin' breaks Nelson!
I look forward to tomorrow. Excelsior!

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