Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Coming Around Again...Again

The creative monster within me is stirring.  His hot, steaming breath is racing down my spine as he sits perched on my back like a gargoyle whispering words of artistic encouragement and admonishment in my ears.  I can feel my heart trying to jump out of my chest as if it's trying to convince my brain that by doing so my soul will benefit from this coming spurt of creativity.  Everything is possible.  Everything is reachable.  I DESERVE to be heard!
I fired up the jalopy of a computer I have in the studio today to see if it would work for me the way it has faithfully done for the last 10 years. Apparently when I hooked up my antiquated DCC (digital compact cassette) player via S/PIDF my sound card decided to belly up and put my computer into digital shock.   I listened to a demo of my old band Sphere of Influence and just automatically started getting the vocal track ready for the remix I'll probably start putting together next week.  I did it without even thinking about it.  I figured out that I miss being a musician so bad that even working on old music is a way of keeping the hunger for expression at bay. 

I'm currently in a little eatery next to Gorrila Tango Theatre feeling inspired to write new stuff and record it - right here, right now (no Jesus Jones references!)  Oops, too bad. Got rehearsal in 5 min. Let's wait until we get home :)

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