Friday, July 22, 2011

I Guess You're Just What I Needed!

I've been heads down in running Salsation for the last few months.  This year has been super exciting for me and personally satisfying.  we started with a great fundraiser to set the stage for our Fall show and Touring season.  We had fantastic general auditions to pick up some new talent (none of which were scrubs like we've had at previous auditions) and it was cool to see how enthusiastic people were about working with us.  The Fall show cast consists almost entirely of Ensemble and Artistic Associates which hasn't happened in quite a while (probably never since I've joined the group).  The Touring folks have been consistently about to rehearsals and learning the material given to them.  We've got a couple of confirmed touring shows and are working on bringing others on board, i.e. REVENUE!  Salsa-Sketch 4 will be back again this year along with work on our 2012 season.   Our "Salsaiton Presents" format is going to be tested with a new sketch show by Wig Believe.  I've started the Salsation Nation Podcast and have started producing video segments as well.  Provided no one gets hit by the proverbial bus, we should be in good shape going into the next year!!!!

Artistically, I'm being challenged in my writing/contributions for the Fall show by our director Johnnie Hildreth, one of my Conservatory instructors.  Apparently I'm all about writing blackouts lately.  It's getting me to doubt myself and start puishing myself to bring in material to make the show.  It's an interesting dichotomy.  I know that the stuff I'm bringing in will work but it's just not "good enough" - I trust Johnnie's judgement and guidance to know something I don't so that we have a killer show this year :)  So, back to the drawing board, ya big dummy!

I feel the pull of trying to do more than one show at a time getting stronger.  I've been pretty good about not doing so as quite frankly, Salsation is a full time job lately.  I want to get into another musical improv show/production.  I want to shoot some video.  I want to write some songs.  It's nuts.  However, I want to be a good Dad above all so thank gawd I've got a loving wonder wife that allows me to do this one (and labrious) thing.  She's awesome.

I feel pretty lucky to be doing what I do.

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