Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's What Fam Is For...

Got another lesson in family this week.  I shoveled snow by my lonesome for the last 3 days.  I have no idea how much snow shoveled but I do know is that I was the damn bulldozer scooping up snow on my street made getting out of the end of my driveway nearly impossible.  It created a 4 foot wall of snow & ice that would take me at least 3-4 hours by hand to cut through.  With my new son due any time, it was imperative to keep the drive open so we can throw the fam into the car and speed off to the hospital.  I was dreading doing the last 5 feet of the drive when help came a calling.

My in-laws offered to truck their heavy snow blowing equipment to assist with the dig.  The roads were treacherous at best and it seemed like a lot of hassle for them just to come over to do that part.  They came over anyway and not only finished up the part of the driveway I left but also created a space for a third car to park, did the sidewalks, cleared a path for the mailman, and parts of our neighbors driveways (brownie points for the future I am sure).  All I could really do was shovel snow here and there and watch (and plot & scheme for what blower I'm buying during the summer at a reduced rate).  So, all-in-all, they helped me out.

I paid my worker with a load of beer and gratitude.  I'm heavier on the bubble now when they call looking for some assistance :)

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