Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's All In My Head

Today was a better day than it has been in the last week.  I completely under-estimated what it was going to take for me to start becoming comfortable in the new locale.  I though I would be fine the entire time while working on getting the house ready when in fact I feel incredibly lost and overwhelmed :(  With the Wifey basically out-of-commission due to the pregnancy and a late bout of tooth problems, I feel compelled to step-up and pick up the slack - which is do everything.  Yes, the overachiever in me comes out to play and fails.  Failure is so hard for me to accept.

I am taking a few steps to keep my head from swimming.  First, I am not going to try to get the entire house set.  there's way too much shite for me to try to deal with.  I have to accept that the house is going to be trashed forever (or at leas ta year, which ever comes first) and people are gonna have to deal with it.  I'm limiting myself to moving/setting up 3 things a day.  If I do that, then eventually everything will get dealt with.  Secondly, I will be leaving the house at least once a day whether or not I need it.  I'm giving myself an hour of Nelson Time.  Maybe my sense of disconnection will be diminished if I connect to my new environment.  Lastly, I am going to ask for more help from people.  I need more involvement with people in my life and can't go back living insularly.

t's been a rough first week.  Let's hope these limitations I place on myself help moving forward.

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