Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's Show 'Em We Can Overcome!

It's taken 10 years for something to be erected at Ground Zero in New York City.  The Freedom Tower implementation so far has pretty much a mismanaged affair.  It's been redesigned a number of times, had very little to no input from the public, and has plenty of cost overruns.  It's not slated to be finished until 2014 barring any other problems coming up.  Watch this Penn & Teller BS episode (language and some images NSFW) for some background:

I feel that the best way to show true American grit and stamina is to build the following buildings at Ground Zero:

Yes.  The same, exact buildings (with modern upgrades internally for security, strength, and economy). It would say "Yes.  You knocked down our buildings and killed and injured many of our people.  Guess what. Fuck you.  They're back.  We overcame and we're believe in our strength! Now what?!!! ".

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